My name is Nikilesh Sai.  I live in Ongole which is in Andhra Pradesh State belong to the Country INDIA. I'm very thankful for you to see this page about me.  My mind is too lazy, so I choose to write programs.  I have done my bachelor's in CIVIL Engineering. But, I'm not interested in that field.  I find my passion in coding and started to learn, how to code for a problem. I don't know where to start, how to learn and how it works.  At the beginning, I started browsing about programming. A lot of videos and lots of blogs are there to help for everyone how to start in the career of programming.  There are so many latest high-level languages are there in use.  When I browse about programming maximum number of sites and videos are about 'HTML', 'CSS' and 'javascript'. I taught that by learning these languages we can do anything. But, I'm completely wrong about it. Because these three languages are used in front end web development which is used to decorate the web with effective styles.  Again I started browsing, but I have no clarity on a particular language to start. When I'm searching for programming one video on youtube help me a lot.  In that video, a guy gave the information about how many fields are there in the programming. There are about thirteen fields where developers used to program. I listed all the fields and I selected Operating System. Because It is cool and so many useful software are there in the operating systems.  Again I started searching about what languages are used to write Operating Systems. I found assembly language, machine language, and C. Among these three C is very easy to learn and it is a good language to start the career. So, I choose C. 

After selecting the language. I searched books to learn C.  There are several books but, I particularly interested in the book written by the developers of C. I took a print out of the book and started reading.  According to my search about programming, the main part to learn programming is "learn by doing". Yeah, it is true because accuracy is very important in programming. Misplacing of a single character will change the entire output of the program.  It is very simple while we are writing a small piece of code but, in big projects, it plays a crucial role.  At first, I started writing code on paper but, is not that effective way to learn to program. Writing an algorithm on paper is a good way before writing actual code. The code on paper cannot be compiled.  A computer can debug the code better than us. So, I downloaded the C editor cum compiler to compile my practice programs.  

I saved each program with extension '.c'. After saving a lot of programs I got a doubt. When I open the file containing the programs it is very clumsy to search a program. And I've to monitor my progress with an effective way. So, I got an idea to start a blog by sharing each program which I practiced on the web.  That's why I have started this blog. If people get to my blog, if they found any mistakes in my programs, they will give suggestions. If my blog does not get any views, its not a problem. One day it will because I've confidence in me. And success is not that thing which comes in a day or a month. It comes after a lot of time which is utilized in a smart way. 

After writing so many programs I'm very happy for that I can also do something, that will make me happy.  Passion is the thing which makes you happy when you do a thing without any stress. I found my passion hope that the person who watching my page also get their passion. 


If you want to contact me:

My email address is nikileshsai16@gmail.com
Message me on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/nikileshsai.rokkam

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